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We keep our classes small and provide social distancing to the best of our ability.

Please feel free to wear a mask if you desire.

About Us


Certified Instructors

  • IL State Police Certified for IL Concealed Carry training
  • USA Shooting Level-3 Olympic Coaches in rifle and pistol
  • NRA Chief Range Safety Officers
  • NRA Training Counselors and Instructors in all shooting disciplines
  • IL Directors for the Civilian Marksmanship Program
  • 4-H Rifle and Pistol Instructors
  • Female Instructor with experience training women


Indoor Range

Train or qualify in comfort.  

We have an indoor Range on site. 


Our Motto

Train with the Best --- Be the Best ! 

OCCFirearmTraining in Kankakee



IL Concealed Carry

IL requires 16 hours of firearm training in order to apply for a Concealed Carry License [CCL]  The first 8 hours is Basic Pistol and the last 8 hours are legal and practical information.  You must also shoot the qualifying target.

One-on-one coaching available by appointment

Coaching / Services

Individual coaching is available. 

One-on-one on the range training is one of the most effective hands-on ways to learn.


  • Help with the on-line application process with the IL State Police for your CCL
  • New or renewal of your FOID Card - We help with the on-line process
  • No firerarm?  Rent from us while you train.
  • No FOID?  You can still take classes.  Call for instructions


IL CCL - Refresher Course and Renewal

Check the date of expiration  on your card.  A 3-hour refesher course is required,  refiring the qualifying  target, and then you must reapply with the IL State Police.

Leagal and Financial


USCCA membership are now available through the OCC Firearm Training Center.   

For your peace of mind, join today.

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