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OCC Fireram Training Center

Teaching the proper use of firearms since 1995.

About Us


Certified Instructors

  • IL State Police Certified for IL Concealed Carry training
  • USA Shooting Level-3 Olympic Coaches in rifle and pistol
  • NRA Chief Range Safety Officers
  • NRA Training Counselors and Instructors in all shooting disciplines
  • IL Directors for the Civilian Marksmanship Program
  • 4-H Rifle and Pistol Instructors
  • Female Instructor


Indoor Range

Train or qualify in comfort.  

We have an indoor Range on site. 


Our Motto

Train with the Best --- Be the Best ! 

OCCFirearmTraining in Kankakee


IL Concealed Carry


IL requires 16 hours of firearm training in order to apply for a Concealed Carry License [CCL]  The first 8 hours is Basic Pistol and the last 8 hours are legal and practical information.  You must also shoot the qualifying target.

Coaching / Services

One-on-one coaching available by appointment

Individual coaching is available. 

One-on-one on the range training is one of the most effective hands-on ways to learn.


  • Help with the on-line application process with the IL State Police for your CCL
  • New or renewal of your FOID Card - We help with the on-line process
  • No firerarm?  Rent from us while you train.
  • No FOID?  You can still take classes.  Call for instructions

IL CCL - Refresher Course and Renewal


Check the date of expiration  on your card.  A 3-hour refesher course is required,  refiring the qualifying  target, and then you must reapply with the IL State Police.

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