Information about Concealed Carry

IL Concealed Carry

If you  had no formal training in pistol [see list of accepted training you can claim], you must take 16 hours of training.  

The First 8 hours = Basic Pistol

The Second 8 hours = IL CCL

Look for  16-Hr CCL Training on the Calendar page and the link to the Registration for a 16-hr class.  Then Book that date on the Payment Page

Renewal of  IL  CCL

After 5 years, the IL State Police require a 3-hr refresher course, re-fire the qualifying target and reapply on-line 

  • Look for Renewal dates on the Calendar 
  • Register on the REGISTRATION page
  • Book your date on the Payment Page

Prior Training

The IL State Police accept prior training:

  • NRA Basic Pistol
  • NRA Personal Protection in the home
  • NRA Personal Protection outside the home
  • Active, Reired or Honorably Discharged member of the US Armed Forces
  • Previously qualified Law Enforcement or Corrections Office

You must provide documentation of prior training- a certificate of completion or DD214

If you have Prior Training

You may opt out of Basic Pistol and  only take the final 8 hours of IL CCL.

However, if you would like, you may take all 16 hours and refresh you knowledge and fundamental skills.

When choosing your class, choose


  •  Look for IL CCL ONLY on the Calendar 
  • Register on the REGISTRATION page
  • Book your date on the Payment Page

Application Process

After receiving your training certificate, you will need to apply for your license wit the IL State Police.  That is done on their website.  This website is where both your FOID and CCL will be managed.

You will need to scan and upload your training certificate and a picture.  There is a application fee of $150 at the end of the application to be paid with a Credit or Debit Card.

If you need assistance with the application process, you can make an appointment.

  • Book an appointment on the PAYMENT page or call for an appointment time

On the Range - Basic Pistol and Qualifying Target

  • BASIC PISTOL - 50 rounds at 5 yds 
    • You will qualify on the B-27 Silhouette target.
    • You will shoot at total of 15 practice and 30 qualifying shots. .
    • You will shoot at 5 yds, 7 yds and 10 yds

What Gun to Bring

You do not have to qualify with the firearm you intend to carry.  You may but, you also may use a good target pistol.

We do not allow on our range:

  • Pocket pistols 
  • Snub-nosed revolvers
  • Calibers larger than .45

Please bring a firearm with at least a 4 inch revolver barrel and good sights; 3 inch semi-auto barrel with good sights.

We have  target pistols for rent 

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